March 11, 2023

Christine Gamache Crystal Singing Bowl Concert

04:30 PM

Acoustic purity of The Seasons meets the magic of Gamache's Singing Bowls

Christine Gamache

Crystal Singing Bowl Concert


A beautiful sound experience in the most spectacular venue of Season's Performance Hall. The room was made for this alchemical sound to be at home. You will be immersed in the sound of 11 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Made by Crystal Tones company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Made of the finest quartz crystal that is overlaid and infused with many other precious, semi-precious gemstones, minerals, and metals. Carnelian, Smokey quartz, Mt. Shasta Serpentine, Platinum, Gold, Kyanite, Amethyst, Ocean Indium, Citrine, Larimar, Iron, and Gold. A delight to all the senses.


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