Opening: Maintenance & Beautification Manager

Maintenance & Beautification Manager

Full-Time (Salaried Position)

Health insurance

Pay rate: $50 - $55K per year (depending on experience and skill level)

Desired Skills:

1.      Maintenance and landscaping experience

2.      Willing and able to perform demanding physical work

3.      Knowledge of irrigation, electrical, mechanical systems

4.      Familiarity with large equipment such as street sweeper, pressure washer, hooking up trailers, maneuvering trailers, street barricades, etc.

5.      Good communication skills and willingness to train team members

6.      Familiarity with event logistics, crowd management

7.      Mechanical skills, such as repairing tents, tables, equipment

8.      Administrative: filing reports, paperwork, receipts, etc.

9.      Friendly demeanor: communicating with partners, board directors, team members, stakeholders, and general public

10.  Flexible personality who can respond positively to unexpected events

11.  Familiarity with non-profit structure with board of directors

12.  Positive attitude and team player who understands the big picture

13.  Willingness to learn new skills and not be afraid to ask questions

Main Responsibilities

Supervision of Maintenance & Beatification Team

1.      Manage team of 2 to 3: scheduling, assigning duties, follow-up

2.      Personnel management: hiring, training, and managing personnel, including evaluations and dealing with personnel issues

3.      Serve as an example in the mission to provide excellent customer service to our stakeholders and patrons

Routine Maintenance of Downtown Yakima Business Improvement District

Includes but is not limited to:

1.      Empty trash cans

2.      Pick up litter/garbage

3.      Remove, paint-over graffiti

4.      Leaf/debris removal from sidewalks

5.      Weeding of planter areas

6.      Maintain an operable irrigation system to all vegetation- replace sprinkler heads, repair micro irrigation systems, damaged piping

7.      Maintain clean sidewalks- pressure wash as needed, sweep, de-weed

8.      Maintain trees and shrubs- pruning- maintain good sightline, safe passage around trees/plants, remove damaged vegetation

9.      Operate power equipment – lawn mowers, grass trimmer, chainsaw, power vacuum, sweeper, hedgers, leaf blower.

Work can/does involve

1.      Driving company pickup

2.      In and out of vehicles frequently

3.      Bending, kneeling, walking throughout shift

4.      Lifting 20-30 lbs. frequently

5.      Working with: shovels (digging, snow removal etc.), rakes, pruners/loppers, brooms

6.      Ability to climb (up to 10-foot) Ladder

7.      Working outdoors

8.      Hand tools


1.      Outdoors in downtown Yakima – streets, traffic, noise, hard surfaces

2.      All weather conditions

3.      Duties performed in and around the public-Interact with public – Workers/employees, visitors to our community, people experiencing homelessness.

DAY Promotional Events Support

1.      Provide logistical support to a variety of outdoor festival-type events

2.      Duties include set-up, supervision of event, and breakdown

3.      Acting as an ambassador for DAY

4.      Requires extra hours and long days, including some weekends

Overall goals

1.      Maintain Downtown Yakima as a clean and litter free place to work, live and play

2.      Keep landscape presentable and safe to public.

3.      Maintain an efficient irrigation system to maintain plants to their full potential.

4.      Maintain safe passage for public.

5.      Provide a thriving flower program (hanging baskets, pots, and rectangles) during spring and summer seasons.

Managerial Role and Expectations

1.      Supervise the Maintenance & Beautification team

2.      Report directly to the Executive Director

3.      Considered part of the team and expected to attend most DAY events

4.      Considered logistical and technical support for all functions of DAY, including events, farmers market, office, etc.


1.      Work under the direct supervision of Executive Director

2.      DAY is a 501-C-3 nonprofit with a Board of Directors

3.      The Maintenance and Beautification Department is a division of DAY. DAY overall structure involves a board of directors and executive director.


1.      Valid driver’s license

2.      Proof of ability to work in the United States

3.      18 years of age or older

4.      Ability to perform physical labor required of the job

The Downtown Association of Yakima is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.


To apply, fill out this employment application and send resume and application to director@downtownyakima.com.


Downtown Association of Yakima

14 S. First Street
Yakima, WA 98901

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