December 15, 2022

A Very Merry Bart 'n' Rondi Christmas

A Very Merry Bart 'n' Rondi Christmas at The Seasons Performance Hall. 

Bart 'n Rondi are a favorite combination of Yakima Music Lovers. They have been singing and playing in Yakima venues, wineries, parties and festivals for many years and are valuable parts of the Yakima Music scene.

Rondi has released several CDs over the years with some of the most famous artists in the Northwest: Jay Thomas, Jeff Johnson, Pearl Django and others. She has been writing folk-rock, rock and jazz-pop songs since she was 13. Her music from her first two releases "Cache" and "Thorny Bouquet" can be heard and purchased at online stores around the world. She has received positive press and recognition for her first two albums including winner of best Harmony and Aesthetics Award. Her release of "The Journal" in 2010 was her first self-produced album recorded in Seattle at Gary Shelton Studios over the span of five years

Bart recently premiered his latest album "Under the Sun" with a release party at The Seasons and around town in diverse menus with diverse musicians. He has played with the premiere jazz ensemble, The Joe Brooks Quartet for the last decade or more. He is featured in this year's John Gasperetti Cabaret show as composer, singer, and pianist. He is Yakima's Piano Man!

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