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June 20, 2021

Christine Gamache: Midsummer Night A Summer Solstice sound bath!

06:00 PM

The Seasons Performance Hall 

Waves of beautiful angelic sound, lift and wash away tensions and stress. Alchemy Crystal Bowls create harmony and balance, in the physical and emotional body. Feel rested, restored and rejuevenated.

Christine Gamache, 25 years an Alchemy Crystal Bowl practitioner.

"My interest in sound and its effects started at a very early age with my Grandmothers bell collection. Noticing how the sound of the bells would resonate and how I could follow the sound out and around the room. Noticing how it felt to hold the bell over my hand or foot. I spent a great deal of time in awe and wonder with those bells.

Fast forward to 1995 I was experiencing some challenges both emotionally and physically. A dear friend in Manson Wa. suggested I try a Sound healing session in Lake Chelan. I took her word and signed up. Having no idea how profound the experience would be. I felt so relieved as though a weight had been lifted. I came back days later and bought my first bowl. A very large quartz bowl, tuned to D, the second chakra. Then, I began to dive into all the details of what makes this such a graceful healing tool. I slowly brought together enough bowls to cover the whole chakra system. We, bless my husband Bruce's heart, carried those heavy quartz bowls to so many places. Then I began to learn of Alchemy bowls. They are highest grade quartz, that is infused and overlaid with precious and semi precious, gems, minerals, and metals. The sound that resonates from these bowls is pristine, and beautiful. Immediately relaxing. Our bodies are 70% water, natures greatest conductor. The mind begins to quiet. We see specific changes in the nervous system. When the body goes into this deep state of relaxation, this is where the most healing can occur. At a spiritual level, these sounds can help us connect with our soul, and deeper states of being.

Edgar Cayce stated, "Sound will be the new healing medicine in the new millennium."

Sound and the vibration of light illuminates and allows healing, forgiveness, compassion, for ourselves and others. Letting go of what no longer serves us, in a most gentle and graceful way. Saying YES to life and our soul's desired purpose. It's alchemy.

The Seasons Performance hall is the most amazing place to experience the wonders of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. I am so excited to share this beautiful event with our community.

This event is in person only! We are selling tickets in groups of two, but we can accommodate groups up to six; please email to arrange for appropriate seating. 


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