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July 15, 2021

Three For Silver's Lucas Warford

07:30 PM

Lucas Warford Brings His Famous Trio to The Seasons


Three For Silver is a band on a mission, they just haven't figured out what it is yet. It definitely involves constant touring and A LOT OF BASS. Their long suffering publicist described them as "doom folk" and "mythic americana".

That was right before the accident...

What we know for sure:
Lucas Warford 
(vocals, basses) is a chugging diesel engine of bass and growl. “The acid baby of Tom Waits and Les Claypool,” as NW legend Baby Gramps called him (live on the radio in front of God and everybody, so he cant take it back). His one-of-a-kind basses are the platform upon which the band delivers its end-time messages.

Willo Sertain (vocals, accordion) hails from the woods of North Carolina. Her distinctively pure tones and haunting melodies act as a natural foil to the madness of Warford. She can sing in lots of languages, and has definitely not been forced to play the accordion.

There's also this new person Corwin Zekley hanging around. Lucas & WIllo aren't sure they are real.

Three For Silver has hit the road since 2013, blind to anything but the next stage, the next audience, the next night. Their monomaniacal devotion has already led them all over the country and the world, performing in clubs, bars, theaters, street corners, farm houses, boats, black masses, festivals, outdoor markets, living rooms, and even partnering with the US State Department for ongoing cultural exchange tours to other countries thirsty for truly original American music.

Lucas Warford lit up The Seasons Stage with a one-off group featuring Warford plus Tuba/trombone and Saxophone in a December 2020 livestream concert. We couldn't wait to invite him and There for Silver to perform this special concert in person for you.


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