October 15, 2022

Stoned Evergreen Travelers W/ Late Night Shiner and Bad Habit!

*This is intended to be read in the voice of Sam Elliott. So, if you can get that sound going in your head as you read, we’d appreciate it, thanks. Stoned Evergreen Travelers want to take you on a ride, in a hellfire guzzling hot rod, through a world of tales vividly told against a backdrop of ass whoopin’ rock n’ roll hellbilly psycho sludge to melt your brain… and they want to make sure you enjoy your journey through it with ’em. So, indulge with your beers, brownies, bongs, or bubble bath and let the ride begin as their songs paint pictures with haunting stories of murder, loss, and agonizing descent into madness, where the evil, the scorned, the angry, the lonely, and the stonedly are all heard screaming, brooding, stalking, scratching, pounding and destroying, all while bringing general mayhem and vengeance to the landscape in which they’re composed. Late Night Shiner is a 3 piece power trio in the full sense of the word. Based in Seattle, Washington. Bad Habit is a local punk, ska, reggae favorite from right here in Yakima, Wa. Don't miss this show! Only $5 at the door!

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