October 01, 2022

Black Mariah Theater, The Peculiar Pretzelmen & The Cockophonix

Black Mariah Theater, The Peculiar Pretzelmen & The Cockophonix at Punks Bar 

$10 @ the door and on eventbrite.com Twin sisters Analiese and Sophia make up the Kansas City based band, The Black Mariah Theater. Their genre-bending funky drum beats, jazzy guitar tones, and tell-it-like-it-is lyrics create a rock n roll show perfect for anyone who’s had a bad day, a lonely night or a broken heart. The Cockaphonix - Rayko, Dan, Tom-bome, Ramses and Nathan are a cacophony of sight and sound - We invite you to enter the deranged saloon. The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Picture what could be described as double-barreled folk music with a pitch-black playfulness and highly unusual instrumentation, consisting of banjo/mandocello/ukulele, baritone sax, and percussion that is less drum kit, and more spoils of an old man's work bench. To witness The Peculiar Pretzelmen in a live setting, you'll find their peculiar brew equal parts barn-burning gospel revival and punk rock (read: more Screamin' Jay Hawkins than Johnny Rotten), with a spirit both terrifying and simultaneously life-affirming, the yin to the yang of a carnival spookhouse someplace miles away from nowhere you've ever been.

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