DAY Launches New Website

DAY Launches New Website

The Downtown Association of Yakima (DAY) is extremely excited to announce the launch of its new website which features a format that is much more user and mobile friendly and contains many new features. “During this time of COVID-19, we want folks to know that Downtown Yakima and DAY are still very much alive and well, “says DAY Executive Director, Andrew Holt. “This project has been in the works for over a year and we felt it was imperative to make sure it came to fruition. The website is a tremendous tool for our downtown in so many ways, and we felt that there was no better time than right now to add another asset.”

A main goal of the new website is a much-enhanced user experience. This is accomplished by an aesthetically pleasing and clean design, a mobile friendly format, an abundance of images that tell the Downtown Yakima and DAY story, a comprehensive listing of downtown businesses with direct links to their social media sites, and a new, cleaner Calendar of Events where the public can easily submit their own events.

Other features include an online volunteer form that can be submitted directly, vendor forms for events submitted online, and full photo galleries for each event, program, and project associated with DAY.

“The overarching goals were to make this site supremely user-friendly and to truly tell the Downtown Yakima and DAY story,” adds Holt, “To truly demonstrate what is going on in downtown and what DAY is all about and what we have to offer. We want to commend the developer Invisible Ink for resoundingly capturing our vision and being such a great partner.”

“We want this site to be a powerful tool for our downtown community,” says Holt, “And we have built in the potential for more useful tools to come online contingent on funding and logistics.”

“This project was budgeted for and planned in 2019,” says Holt. “We put out the Request for Proposals in the fall and signed the agreement in January. Invisible Ink began the initial work in January. We received 5 proposals from local developers -- all excellent in their own right. As I stated, we have found Invisible Ink to be a particularly good partner.

We invite you to tour the new site at

Posted August 05, 2020

Downtown Association of Yakima

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Downtown association website made with Invisible Ink