DAY Facade Grant Applications Now Available

DAY Facade Grant Applications Now Available

The Downtown Association of Yakima (DAY) has officially opened the application period for its Façade Improvement Grant Program, designed to preserve the historic nature of Downtown Yakima while fostering economic development and investment in the district. There are several new aspects to the application process, including a revised and simplified application and an earlier/longer application period, so business and building owners can better prepare their applications.

“Even with the budgetary challenges posed by COVID-19, the DAY Board of Directors overwhelmingly voted to provide the program this year, as we see an even greater need to provide an economic spark”, says DAY Executive Director, Andrew Holt. “In addition to the tangible results of funding a project, it is also important to send the message that, yes, we are still looking to the future.”

DAY originated the program in 2015 and, so far, over $55,000 in grant funding has been awarded to 8 individual projects, sparking well over $1 million in investment. “We do a lot of dynamic activities at DAY but this is one that really fits into our mission. It is extremely rewarding to assist in tangible improvements to businesses and buildings in Downtown Yakima,” adds Holt.

The 50/50 matching grant is for businesses and buildings strictly in the Downtown Yakima Main Street District. A map of the district is in both the grant instructions and application. Projects that improve the façade of the building or any connecting outer part of the structure that can be viewed from the right-of-way are eligible.

Holt points out that priority will be given to projects that have a transformational effect or are part of a larger renovation project. It is not a requirement, but it is certainly a plus. Grant applications are judged by members of the DAY Design Committee, using a point system and roundtable discussion.

Some of the major projects completed over the years include:

The Hittle Building (pictured below)

Crafted brick restoration and mural

The Thai House façade

Lee Semon Building upper windows and façade


PDF forms of grant Instructions and Applications can be downloaded from the DAY website.

Grant applicants can direct any questions to Andrew Holt at 509-571-1328 or

Posted February 02, 2021

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