November 14, 2023

Music Bingo at The Tap

Music Bingo at The Tap


How does Music Bingo work?
Simple. It's just like bingo but with groove, rhythm, it makes you dance to the beat and sing along, maybe even makes you feel a bit nostalgic. 🎧
You have a card in front of you with the titles of songs in each square. A portion of a song will be played. If you recognize the song🤔, and you have the song on your card, you get to mark it off. Thats it.
It's like bingo but way more fun.

BINGO at Single Hill!

07:00 PM

BINGO at Single Hill! This isn't regular ol' BINGO. It's free of charge, all ages are welcome, and the prizes range from thrifted umbrellas to mini crockpots to new houseplants to a drink token for any drink on the menu! Every Tuesday, starting at 7pm! Come hang.

Downtown Association of Yakima

14 S. First Street
Yakima, WA 98901

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