New Business: Hop Nation Brewery

hopnationDowntown Yakima will soon have a new brewery, Hop Nation.  And if the owner’s experience is any indication of what’s to come, well let’s just say, you don’t want to pass this place over.

Ben Grossman has had a varied career in the beverage industry.  From working for titans like Coors and St. Michelle, to brewing sake, and being scouted by craft beer industry favorite Lagunitas.  He’s had a hand in everything from research and development, to operations and production and very well could open a business that makes everything from wine, to beer, to cider, to sake – if the permitting didn’t have so many hoops to jump through.

For now though, Ben is content opening a brewery and plans to feature a variety of beers highlighting what he’s picked up along the way from some of the industry’s best.  The first four beers on tap when the brewery opens later this month include a German style Hefeweizen, an Oat Pale Ale, an ESB, and an IPA.  With clever names like ESBeotch and EGO IPA (which stands for Everybody’s Got One), Grossman hopes to instill a fun and relaxed vibe.

The brewery and pub is located off of North First Street in a one hundred year old fruit packing warehouse that was last used to house hops.  The décor is an homage to the hop industry and features quarter rounds, kilns, hop poles, and hop twine integrated in everything from the lighting to the bar.

Once up and running, he’s hoping that he’ll be joined by Hop Town Wood Fired Pizza in the parking lot.  Playing up on the relaxed atmosphere, the pub will also feature a roulette wheel to be spun every time a train goes by, hula hoops, card games, ‘beer crafts’, and every Friday will be known as “Fricken Friday” and will feature an English style live ale.

Grossman plans to hold a grand opening on April 8th.  For more info, visit the website:  Hop Nation Brewing Company.