2016 Annual Report

The Downtown Association of Yakima (DAY) became a certified Washington Main Street program in January 2015 and became nationally accredited in 2016. After completing its second year as an official organization, the group is releasing its 2016 annual report and is announcing its annual meeting to take place on Tuesday, February 7th at 8 AM Second Street Grill.


Included in the report are program highlights and details regarding funding.

“The façade grant that was awarded to Jason Eaton for renovations on the Lee Semons building was one of our most significant projects from 2016,” said President Victor De Long. “The building had sat vacant for over 6 years and now not only houses three new businesses, but the outside of the building has a whole different look and feel.”

The façade program is now in year three and open for applications. In addition to the façade program, the group promoted, funded, created and assisted in 19 unique events which took place in downtown; 16 of which were free, and family focused. Events brought an estimated 18,000+ people into the downtown.